Monday, September 17, 2007

Progressively Treva Blog is Back

I now have a new account at where Progressively Treva has relocated at:

At the time of this writing I'm waiting for Keith to restore my posts and, if possible, other content. There's a long list of other former members that are also waiting for their content, too.

I've been keeping an eye on the efx2blogs homepage and members' blogrolls and comments section to see which members of the former community have found the new efx2 location, registered and got their blogs going. Although, it's a relief that we can use pre-designed templates, I'll be glad when we are able to have more control of our designs, assuming that we will. It's my understanding that Keith is, or plans on looking into customizing things to offer more member control over our own designs.

I'm just glad that Keith was able to get efx2 running again this quickly. I'm sure, he, and possibly Martin, have really worked hard and spent a lot of time to enable us to get our efx2 blogs back. I just hope, all members are able to find the new efx2 location. If they think to search technorati and sites like that they're more likely to catch up with the rest of us sooner than they might if they tried to use search engines, like Google and Yahoo.

I'll be updating links lists to also include any mirror blogs on this blog and on my efx2 blog. I'll do the same if I create another mirror blog. I hope, in the future people will bookmark mirrored versions and additional blogs if they want to keep in touch with their owners. That's how I was able to find Libertine's mirror.


Treasa said...

I've been keeping an eye out, too, and have decided to keep all the blogs,just mirror them, so I know where everyone is, just in case. I've been adding all the links I know, for the same reason.

Ravynne can be found at her websites. (Art of the Empath, Dreams of Gaia, and Art of Faery)

Treva L Van Fossen said...

I thought, Art of the Empath was gone. It must have only been temporarily offline the last time I checked. Thanks for the info. :)

I still have a way to go before I get everybody. I've decided to create special lists to get the efx2, former modblog crowd linked.

Libertine said...

I was glad to get all my posts back at the new efx, but I really regret not getting all my comments back. The comments are what make a post complete. I'm hoping that people will eventually go back over old entries and leave new comments, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Rhomesthyrst said...

I'm running from pillar to fence post trying to figure out whether I'm lost or found.

I should wait until the dust settles to provide an update on the time I wasted trying to forward the notion of monetary reform to the presidential candidate wannbes...

I managed to climb ashore at

~ rhome ~

Treva L Van Fossen said...

It doesn't hurt to ask people to re-ignite more discussions in the old posts. I've considered doing the same, at least, when we get relocated. I've been wondering if we're able to get a second free blog here. Blogger used to charge for that. Might still now.

Treva L Van Fossen said...

Rhomethyst! I am thrilled to see you. I hoped, you would be determined enough to find my blog. I figured, splatter my name all over any location where I want it to show in a search engine, assuming you and any other VIP's 2 Me happened to search it would help.

I should have made a post to tell everybody that they could find me at this blog if anything happened to efx2 and ask them to bookmark it for safe-keeping.

Libertine did that. Those of us that bookmarked his link found him.